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I try my best to make installation easy - at least for people used to installing similar software. But this can be sometimes hard for non-admins. Therefore I am offering installation support. Please do not hesitate to ask for me for commercial installation support.


Although web2ldap is designed to be very comfortable it is today much too powerful for unexperienced users who just want to do simple repeating jobs like searching a specific sort of entries or adding same entries many times. The reason is that web2ldap is a generic LDAP client providing all kind of actions you want to do with a LDAP directory without making any assumptions about the directory's DIT or schema.
If you have the requirement for a customized web gateway to your own LDAP server which is easy-to-use for end-users feel free to contact me for further information about commercial variants and support.


Your feedback is appreciated! If you have any complaints, bug reports or feature requests do not hesitate to use the feedback form which helps you to provide all the necessary information in your message.


Maybe you are not the first one having a certain question or problem. Please check out the frequently asked questions.

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