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Other software


The LDAP module for Python, impossible to implement all that without this module.


web2ldap is used as administration front-end for Æ-DIR mainly with the help of a special plugin module. See the user guide for details.


web2ldap can be used as administration front-end for OATH-LDAP with the help of a special plugin module.


Presentation 2013-10-19 at LDAPcon 2013

Do The Right Thing! How LDAP servers should help LDAP clients (download PDF)

"This talk is about the highs and lows of implementing a generic interactive LDAP client with web2ldap to be shown as example (because the author is biased of course)."

OpenLDAP Developers' Day

web2ldap was presented at the OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Tübingen - 2006. You can download my slides.

Terena TF-LSD

Presentation of new PKI features of web2ldap held at the first public meeting of this Terena task force (Sep. 2000). Note that this presentation is very outdated, especially all Limitations have been solved and everything on Road Map was implemented since then.
(read presentation slides, see picture of me)