Demo running on public site

Demo web2ldap service

This is a running application! So just clicking on one link won't show you much. I'd like to encourage you to actually play with it.

You're welcome to test your own LDAP hosts with this online-demo of web2ldap if they are accessible via Internet. Just type in the hostname in the input field on the connect screen. web2ldap will try to determine the base DN/search root afterwards.

Further notes about using the on-line demo:

Specific examples

This section contains links to specific entries or actions to illustrate some features and the use of LDAP URLs as query strings.

web2ldap as generic LDAP client only displays the dynamically retrieved content of the LDAP directories. I am not responsible for data displayed through web2ldap in any way.


Æ-DIR demo

web2ldap used as admin UI for Æ-DIR with write access for different admin roles (see also user guide).

freeIPA demo

You can look behind the scenes of freeIPA demo site. They have different users you can use directly from here:

Unfortunately due to a bug in 389-DS I had to disable uniqueness check in python-ldap's schema parsing (sigh!).

SRV RR support

You can locate other LDAP servers by SRV RR.

web2ldap access to your Mozilla side-bar (needs Javascript).