Overview of released versions

This list highlights significant improvements of former releases. Details of fixes and enhancements can viewed in detailed lists.

Version numbering follows the semantic versioning model.

1.8.x Internal API changes and some new features.
1.7.x Internal API changes and minor features.
1.6.x Heavy code-cleaning, internal API changes.
1.5.x Runs on Python 3.6+ or newer. Added more monitoring/metrics features and improved logging.
1.4.x Heavy code-cleaning, internal API changes, new login mapper configuration, dropped obsolete and unused features.
1.3.x PIP-based installation, transition to new modules and working on other technical debts.
1.2.x Partial rewrite, the plugin API has been extended and more plugin classes were added. Also added bulk operations and DIT browser.
1.1.x Support for more complex LDAPv3 controls, more consequent Unicode support, much code cleaning, many additions/improvements for plug-in classes/modules and templates. Dropped LDAPv2 support.
1.0.x Full support for DIT structure rules and name forms, various enhancements to user interface, many additions/improvements for plug-in classes/modules.
0.16.x Support for various LDAPv3 extended controls, major overhaul of user interface, especially more plug-in classes for various custom schemas, added support for name forms.
0.15.x Plugin architecture for syntaxes and attribute types. Some improvements to user interface.
0.14.x LDIF templates for new entries, support for DIT content rules.
0.13.x Support for SASL bind.
0.12.x File upload of binary attributes, support for DIT content rules.
0.11.x Full LDAPv3 schema handling and built-in schema browser,
0.10.x Many enhancements and fixes.
0.9.x Web session management with persistent LDAP connections.
0.8.x Displays X.509 certificates and CRLs, introduced direct use of LDAP URLs.
0.7.x Faster handling of HTTP requests, new configuration scheme.
Ancient I don't remember the highlights for these old versions.