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Release Date: 2019-01-xx

Installation and configuration changes
The following changes to system installation and local configuration were made:
  • Site-specific configuration is now checked during startup for valid option names and their type. So you have to clean up your old configuration not to contain any obsolete parameter.
  • Mandates update of module ldap0.
  • Dropped external dependency on separate module package pyweblib because it is now partially shipped as internal package web2ldap.web.
  • Configuration parameter web2ldapcnf.hosts.ldap_uri_list now must contain list of 2-tuples of Unicode strings.
  • Because of internal API changes custom plugins have to be changed.
  • Some renaming in CSS identifiers to save network bandwidth when displaying many search results. Thus custom CSS files must be updated.
New features/enhancements
  • New site-specific configuration parameter binddn_mapping is used for specifying bind DN mappings with an LDAP URL. Especially it allows statically derived bind DNs without LDAP search.
  • Bulk-copying entries is now more efficient.
  • All DN information is now always request-specific (formerly session-specific). This improves user experience when navigating in multiple browser tabs.
  • Heavy code-cleaning including fixing of various minor bugs:
    • Compliance to PEP-8
    • Changed some optional imports to mandatory dependencies
    • Handling the password policy response controls (see draft-behera-ldap-password-policy) is now done within module package ldap0.
    • HTML5 attribute pattern is set for <input> tags in case the plugin class has class attribute input_pattern.
    • Class ldap0.schema.models.SchemaElementOIDSet used whereever possible.
  • Module logging used instead of sys.stderr.write() for writing log messages.
    • Improved exception logging.
    • Debug logging of form class registrations.
    • Debug logs and warnings during plugin registrations.
    • Debug logging of session handling.
    • System environment, Python interpreter, etc.
  • Tree viewer now correctly uses configuration parameters dit_*.
  • Removed some dangerous mutable default values used for key-word arguments.
  • Many small fixes along code-cleaning which are not worth to be mentioned separately.
Dropped features
  • Dropped support for running on Windows.
  • Removed configuration parameter web2ldapcnf.sec_sslacceptedciphers.
  • Removed site-specific configuration parameter search_tablistattrs because the generic parameter search_tdtemplate is much more useful anyway.
  • Replaced site-specific configuration parameter binddnsearch by more flexible parameter binddn_mapping.
  • Hunked out non-functional code for handling "Authorization Identity Request and Response Controls" (see RFC 3829).
  • Dropped login form parameter login_filterstr. The user can search for an entry and use link [Bind as] from the context menu.
  • Removed obsolete X.509 certificate extension parser classes:
    • web2ldap.mspki.vendorext.VerisignCZAG
    • web2ldap.mspki.nsext
  • Removed the tool tips from [Read] link of displayed search results because tool tips in general are not helpful for better UX. Better performance, less network traffic is much more important.