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Release Date: 2000-08-27


Release Date: 2000-08-02


Release Date: 2000-07-30


Release Date: 2000-07-06

Misc. stuff
  • Handle parsing of wrong LDIF data gracefully.
  • Use os.fork() to detach from console if running on Posix platform.
  • If threading is turned off the ForkingMixIn is used to run a forking server when running under Posix-platform.
  • Fixed bug: Changing objectClass attribute of an entry works again. New object classes were ignored.
  • Splitted calling the CGI-BIN and calling the stand-alone server into two different scripts cgi-bin/ and sbin/ to make a clean separation for users and package maintainers.
  • Dropped support for form parameter ldap_url. Was not used and made coding much more complicated.
Code cleaning:
  • All form.add() method calls are done in module now.
  • Cleaned up parameter handling.
  • Handling of search form parameters in single form field objects. Should be slightly faster.
Configuration changes:
Configuration module is divided into the following sub-modules:
  • various options
  • options only needed when running as stand-alone web server
  • specific parameters for different LDAP hosts
  • options only needed when running via CGI-BIN interface under the control of a web server


Release Date: 2000-06-18


Release Date: 2000-04-07


Release Date: 2000-04-06


Release Date: 2000-04-05


Release Date: 2000-02-27


Release Date: 2000-02-26


Release Date: 2000-02-20