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Release Date: 2004-05-06


Release Date: 2004-05-05


Release Date: 2004-04-30


Release Date: 2004-04-29

Installation and configuration changes
  • w2lapp.cnf.misc.session_relogin abandoned from w2lapp.cnf.
  • New host-specific parameter addform_entry_templates. Support for addform_oc_list was dropped since the new LDIF-based template mechanism is much more powerful.
New features/enhancements
  • When adding entries the values and RDN can be read from an LDIF template file.
  • When modifying an entry the object class select list for choosing the auxiliary object classes are derived from the applicable DIT content rule for the structural object class if found in the sub schema.
  • Work-around for recognizing LDAPSyntaxes in Active Directory on Windows 2000 (not 2003) which references syntaxes by name instead of OID.
Bug Fixes
  • Do not request with attribute type list '*' while LDIF/DSML export when no other attributes are explicitly requested. This helps to improve interoperability with LDAP servers which (falsely) return error noSuchAttribute.
  • Fixed anonymous bind before changing own password.
Code cleaning
  • Many clean-ups in w2lapp.addmodifyform. The function for commands addform and modifyform was split into two separate functions.
  • Removed code for command ldapurl abandoned long ago...