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History of released versions

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Release Date: 2004-04-24


Release Date: 2004-04-22


Release Date: 2004-04-13


Release Date: 2004-04-02


Release Date: 2004-03-30


Release Date: 2004-03-29

Installation and Configuration changes
New features/enhancements
  • Support for SASL bind! Note that getting SASL to work is a complicated mess. It depends on all libs and services properly being installed. Also some SASL mechs solely make sense when running as local user (e.g. EXTERNAL, GSSAPI). The bind behaviour was changed. To make a login with different SASL mechs possible the old LDAP connection is dropped before doing the next simple or SASL bind.
  • sbin/ displays version information of OpenLDAP client libs.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed mixing the search results of a one-level search from - World - with namingContexts.